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What to do with your Old Tech Devices

As important as our devices are to us, one of the biggest questions we can have is what to do with our old, outdated computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. According to Gartner research company, nearly 1.9 billion cellphones were turned in throughout 2015, which averages out to nearly one in every four people. Unfortunately, once a device no longer works efficiently, it turns into electronic waste, which can pose a serious problem.

According to the United Nations, in 2014, nearly 41.8 million tons of electronic waste was gotten rid of. However, only 40 percent of it was actually disposed of properly. However, consumers can improve the way they recycle their e-waste. Fortunately, most electronic materials can be recycled and reused. Other materials, such as mercury and lead, must be properly disposed of. To help get you started on properly recycling your old tech devices, here are a few ways you can dispose of your e-waste.

Sell Them for Cash

One of the best ways to get rid of your old devices is to sell them online. However, the amount of money you end up making entirely depends on how much money you’re willing to put into your e-waste. Fortunately, selling it on eBay or Amazon is the best way to get the most money, but there are occasional flaky buyers.

Trade Them for Credit

Besides selling your old devices, another great way to make the most of your e-waste is to trade it for credit. Fortunately, most electronic retailers have trade-in programs that offer in-store credit for future purchases. However, the first thing you should do is review what kind of prices people are offering for your device, to ensure you’re getting the best deal. To trade in your device, you can use Apple, T-Mobile, Verizon, and even Amazon for store credit.

Bring Them to a Recycler

Communities and nonprofit organizations usually have ways you can recycle your old electronics. For example, Call2Recycle has drop-off locations that accept cell phones and rechargeable batteries across the United States. TIA E-cycling Central also has recycling events across the nation, with a clickable map on their site for other local recycling opportunities.

Donate Them

If your old device still works, there’s probably a non-profit or charity that would be willing to accept your donation. You can send your e-waste to creation centers or local senior organizations that can put your devices to better use. However, make sure you get a receipt for the donation so that you can deduct it from your taxes. Here are a few other programs that you should take advantage of to donate your old device:

– World Computer Exchange

– AmericanCellphoneDrive.org

– Dell Reconnect

– eBay for Charity

Get Creative with Them

Another way you can get rid of your e-waste is to get creative with your older devices. You can use your old phones to store music, movies, or TV shows. Or, as an additional speaker to play audio throughout your house. Or, you can use your older tablets or smartphones as a digital photo album or as a slideshow viewer.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to get rid of your old tech devices and e-waste. Do your best to avoid tossing your old devices in the trash, which will only negatively impact the environment. Instead, consider selling them for cash, donating them, trading them in for credits, bringing them to a recycler, or getting creative with them. There are so many different things you can do with your e-waste, it will pay off to make money from your old devices, rather than just tossing them out.

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