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6 things to do immediately your phone is lost or stolen

Losing a smartphone either to theft,  mishandling, or any other mishap can be a really horrible experience. Normally, the next step to take after the occurrence of a smartphone loss is to try to recover the device, before replacement comes to mind — i.e when recovery fails. The actions below …

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7 Best Essential Blogger Gadgets/Widgets For Your Blog

Having up-to-date tools is essential for any blogger as blogging is a very dynamic occupation. Blogger is always on the run, but must have an opportunity to check the current state of their blog because their popularity and earnings depend on the number of “likes” and “shares.” Here we offer several must-have gadgets and widgets to …

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What to do with your Old Tech Devices

As important as our devices are to us, one of the biggest questions we can have is what to do with our old, outdated computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. According to Gartner research company, nearly 1.9 billion cellphones were turned in throughout 2015, which averages out to nearly one in every four …

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Why you should use Car Dashboard Camera (Smart Tech for your Car)

A dash cam is popularly called car dash camera or sometimes an onboard camera. As the name suggests the dash camera is a brilliantly designed device that seamlessly records everything through the car’s windscreen.  You can also attach the car dash camera inside the interiors of the car’s windscreen or it can be gracefully …

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Android Messages for web is now available: How to use it?

Android Messages the one-stop solution for all your chat needs on a stock Android smartphone now support web-based messaging. This is similar to the Whatsapp Web, were a user can access and make conversations with contact on a PC with a standard web browser. The update is currently available on the Android Messages …

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How to Connect your Smartphone to a Projector?

Projectors are mostly used to watch videos and movies on a big screen, and most of the times these projectors come quite handy for presentations. In short, no matter how advanced we get, we still are going to need a projector at some point in our life, whether as a …

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